Fantasy Sports Movie Rumors

Fantasy 1With all of the drama that this past year has seen with Daily Fantasy Sports, TriStar Pictures thought it was a perfect idea to turn the chaotic industry into a motion picture. TriStar Pictures is a subsidiary of Sony and is based out of California. They optioned the rights to an upcoming book released on DFS. TriStar will have first dibs on “The Big Game”, Sports Illustrated writer Albert Chen’s book. The book is expected to hit e-readers and shelves sometime in 2017.

The motion picture would be drama filled that’s for sure! With the DraftKings employee utilizing insider data and winning $350,000 to the state attorney general’s ruling that DFS activities violate laws, this movie will be filled with everything, but boredom.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel are valued at well over $1 billion. Both operators are far from earning a profit with both being relatively new, and with the ongoing controversy from the questionability’s of DFS. Investments have been sort of a risk with investors not wanting to jump in and get soused just yet.

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