Mini Games in Slots: Adding Another Dimension for Punters

When it comes to online casinos, slot games are one of the most popular options with both new punters and veterans. From the selection of games on offer to the quality and gameplay available from these modern slot games, there is a range of reasons why slots are often chosen over the more traditional casino options. The birth of online casinos has seen a new generation of players brought in by these innovative slot games, with 29% – around £3.6bn of the gambling market share now coming online, and slot games have definitely been one of the factors influencing that shift.

Among the many attractive features of slot games is the presence of mini games in many recent offerings. As the battle for space in a packed online slots market continues to be competitive, developers have been busy working on new and ground breaking game formats. From the graphics and depth of slot games to the adaptations of popular movie franchises and pop culture in general, slot games have come a long way from the days of the one-armed bandit.

While we’ve seen the appetite for online poker across the United States over the past 12 months, particularly in New York and California, many of those poker fans have also embraced other areas of online casinos such as video slots. Among the aspects of slots that attract players has been a crossover element in the form of the emergence of mini games. But what are they and why are they popular?

What are mini games?

Mini games are included in many online slots as an additional feature that requires unlocking by the player. These games within game allow a player to wager in-game money on a range of activities, from random tasks requiring luck to others who require skill. The majority of mini games are unique to their particular slots, offering a game within a game. Sub-games that are included as a type of side mission to a main game, using in-game coins or credits rather than a player’s initial stake.

Modern slot games are more like video games than the basic fruit and coin options from yesteryear. Let’s look at the popular Terminator 2 slot game as a case study. Developed by Microgaming and themed after the iconic action film from 1991 starring Arnold Schwartzenegger and Linda Hamilton, the 243-way video slot features sounds and graphics from the film as well as a mini game offering free spins. In true 21st-century-style slot game fashion, though, the way to get there is in line with the overall theme, as it requires a Terminator-themed T-800 vision round to activate. The game is available at Bet Way Casino, which boasts more than 400 five and three reel games as well as a variety of casino and live casino games. Depending on their mechanics, such mini games offer a break from an intense session or act as another fun part of an overall experience.

Benefits of mini games

Fun feature: While video slots are now better than they ever have been, offering the player an immersive experience with great gameplay, being able to offer more than just the main game only helps to maintain a punter’s interest. Even the most action-packed game can get a bit tiresome, but the addition of mini games helps to bring a new level to player’s attention.

Better chance of success: From free spins to increased credits, mini games don’t just offer a player the chance to enjoy a different area of a game and a break away from the action, they also bring with them the possibility of helping you on your journey to the jackpot. While the early slots of the 19th century offered players beer and cigarettes to players as prizes, slots now offer much more than a pint to a winner.

No pressure: We’ve seen stories of players enjoying big wins without having spent a penny, but more often than not, you’re going to have to make an investment when playing slots. So, it’s nice to be able to play mini games knowing that your stake isn’t at risk. These mini games are definitely worth taking seriously, but they can also just be a great bit of fun.

Why are video slots so popular?

From the first ever slot machine made in 1895 by car mechanic Charles Fey which went on to become a regular sight in bars and bowling alleys across the States, to the impressive video slots on offer today, slots have always been popular with gamblers of every description. Whether it’s the fact that much of the outcome is out of a player’s hands, unlike other casino games, or the indescribable mystique that comes with pressing a button or pulling a handle, there’s something about slots that grabs the attention. And from the living rooms in the UK to iconic casinos in Las Vegas, we’ve seen regular people’s lives transformed with the help of slots.

These days, many titles come with 3D graphics, looking more like movies than casino games, boasting mind-blowing graphics, interesting features and characters and narratives from Hollywood blockbuster franchises, and the slots world has really embraced video game culture. With online casinos and slot games now easier to access than ever before thanks to the magic of gamer-friendly smartphones and casino apps, punters can not only play games from wherever they are but also whenever they want, not losing any of the quality of graphics and gameplay available on a computer.

We’ve come a long way from those simple machines on offer in back-street pubs, barber shops and bowling alleys. There is no feeling quite like hitting the jackpot, and there’s never been a better time to be a fan of slots.

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