Sports Bettor Jon Price of Sports Information Traders Makes $200,000 in Profits

Each week there are exciting things that happen in Las Vegas, Nevada. This week we have proof of famous sports handicapper and legendary NFL Bettor from Sports Information Traders Jon Price who has showcased another big winning week of $200,000 in earnings paid out by the Las Vegas, Nevada Sportsbooks. The earnings were so large that instead of taking it in bags of cash (which he has done before) he has decided to take his earnings via a check.

Sports Wager Pic

It’s summertime and the legendary bettor usually places the majority of his wagers on College Football and NFL but he has taken the opportunity to make some extra cash during the summertime with Major League Baseball betting and is working on improving his skills for the Canadian Football League as the CFL offers some great arbitrage opportunities to bet on games that are not as heavily studied as baseball, basketball, football and other professional sports are.

So even during a slow week where nothing exciting to be happening in and around Las Vegas with the Electric Daisy Carnival gone and Footballs first week still months away it’s comforting to know somebody is enjoying the action. As for the rest of the gambling world we know that Macau is drying up and more casinos are being built around the world expanding the opportunities to truly gamble anywhere in the world.