World Cup Fever Hits the World Series of Poker

WSOP 2Poker News – As every poker player knows, there’s nothing quite like a tournament. Every participant in the field — from the underdogs to the overwhelming favorite — begins play with the same sense of hope and optimism, knowing that few fortuitous plays and a little good fortune can fuel them to a run at the title.

For forty-five years this maxim has been proven true under the searing heat and summer sunshine of Sin City, as the World Series of Poker brings the game’s greatest players together to test their mettle in tournament play. And while the WSOP is undoubtedly poker’s pinnacle in terms of tournament competition, for the next thirty days a tournament of another sort is set to capture the world’s attention.

Thursday marks the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with 32 nations sending their beloved soccer squads to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 20th iteration of The Beautiful Game’s most prestigious event. To mark the occasion, PokerNews chatted with a pack of poker pros who each hail from nations represented in the World Cup, with the goal being to find out if they will be focused more on the felt or the field.


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