YouTubers Beware: Music Nations Network is a Huge Scam

Music Nations Scam

Music Nations Network Scam

Like most video producers who use YouTube, I really want to get my content seen and grow my channel. I am not interested in fake views that get videos pulled down. I am not interested in fake subscribers to inflate my ego. In fact, I am not interested in anything fake when it comes to my business. Sadly, however, I stumbled upon possibly the biggest fake of them all: Music Nations Network!

This den of thieves contacted me last August with a great sales pitch. They would help me grow my audience by adding my content to their “network” and, in turn, take 30% of the revenue generated by the advertisements. Sounds reasonable, right? A perfect agreement for those of us with little to no budget for promoting our videos at 30 cents a click through Google. Well, if something sounds too good to be true….

I first noticed issues with Music Nations when they hijacked my advertising settings within my YouTube account. No longer could I decide what sort of ads to show. They started placing longer ads on my videos… some of which could not be skipped… all to increase the ad revenue, obviously. I was not happy with what they were doing, but if I could grow my views and subscribers it would have been a compromise.

But my view numbers did not increase. My subscribers did not go up. In fact, the ONLY thing that changed was my advertising revenue. That went down… by 30%. The biggest difference that Music Nations Network made to my YouTube account was a loss of revenue. How’s that for a deal?

Still, I did not complain or try to leave the network. The money coming in had not been earth shattering to begin with, so a loss of 30% was equivalent to a meal at McDonald’s. What happened next, however, was too much to ignore… and what lead me to this personal motivation to expose the Music Nations Scam for the crooks they are.

There were several videos I had uploaded which were set to be released on certain dates. As a professional, I have a schedule to keep and plan months in advance. But Music Nations Network decided they needed more of my revenue stream, so they went into my account and set ALL my videos to LIVE. They did not ask me. They did not tell me after the fact. And they did this on more than one occasion. I was a teensy bit pissed off.

I contacted “support”, which is really nothing more that a group of trained moneys with a script of responses prepared in advance to deal with all the irate clients they are screwing in the butt. They refused to forward me to a “manager”. They refused to release me from my contract. And they refused to stop screwing with my account. There whole purpose for existing is not to help clients grow their channels… it’s to squeeze every cent they can from your channel.

I told Music Nations that I was going to slam them in forums, blogs, and videos. They didn’t seem to care, really. They did threaten me with their “legal department” to which I replied with an obscene finger gesture they could not see over chat messages. So, in conclusion, if you choose to “partner” with the jackasses at Music Nations Network be prepared for them to:

  • Take over your YouTube account and change all your settings without permission, notification or asking.
  • Refuse to speak with you directly except through “chat support” with obnoxious minimum wage cretins who have sold their souls to the company store.
  • Refuse to let you out of the “contract” they swindled you into without telling you they will hijack your YouTube account.

Music Nations Network is a scam… pure and simple.